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    Price-Driscoll Launches Ultralease Silicone Mold Release Agents
    December 16, 2020 Price-Driscoll
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    Silicone Release Agents

    Price-Driscoll Launches Ultralease
    Expands Line of Silicone Release Agents to Meet Wide Variety of Customer Needs

    Waterford, Connecticut: Price-Driscoll today announced the launch of their new Ultralease line of silicone release agents. Building off the success of their earlier Ultra 3 and Ultra 4 line, Ultralease mold release agents are now offered in a wider range of formulation and packaging options to meet customer’s varying safety and economic needs.

    “Price-Driscoll has long had one of the most extensive lines of silicone-based release agents in the industry. With the launch of the new Ultralease line, we focused on keeping the best of our existing products, while also expanding the line to include new products to meet an even broader range of customer needs,” said Clint Barth, Price-Driscoll’s President. “The biggest changes were the development of our new “S” line to meet the needs of our most budget conscious customers, and the development of several semi-permanent mold releases for those customers looking for releases that offer multiple release cycles from a single application.”

    Ultralease silicone-based mold release agents include conventional, blended and semi-permanent options, specifically engineered for a range of materials including plastics, polyurethane, rubber, composites and metals. Low-VOC, non-flammable and FDA-approved options are also available. Available as a liquid or packaged in aerosol cans and cylinders, product is now in stock and available for immediate shipment.

    More information is available here: Ultralease Release Agents

    About Price-Driscoll: An industry leader since 1947, Price-Driscoll supplies manufacturers both large and small with release agents and industrial cleaners that provide maximum productivity, favorable economics, and minimal environmental impact. Price-Driscoll develops, manufacturers, and sells all of its products from its Southeastern Connecticut headquarters. For more information, contact Clint Barth at 860-442-3575 or