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Non-Silicone Release Agents


Supralease Non-Silicone Release Agents

Supralease is a tailored line of specialized, non-silicone release agents for critical operations where a silicone oil would be inappropriate due to possible contamination, food-related processes, or a desire for post-mold operations such as painting or bonding. Supralease non-silicone release agents provide the same high level of slip as our silicone-based products, but without the oily residue, thereby removing costly and time-intensive cleaning operations from your manufacturing process. Applications include clean-room molding, electronics potting, food-safe processes and silicone molding. Supralease release agents are high-purity and non-contaminating, with water-soluble, bio-degradable, and FDA compliant (21 CFR 172.880) options available. Choose Supralease for critical operations where a silicone-release is not appropriate.

All Supralease Release Agents Feature:

— No silicone oils
— Convenient aerosol packaging
— No contaminating transfer
— No chlorinated solvents
— No Ozone Depletion Potential

Supralease Non-Silicone Mold Release

Why choose Supralease non-silicone mold releases?

While the silicone release agents in our Ultralease line are the de facto standard for most molding operations, silicone-based releases present certain drawbacks that make them unusable in critical molding operations such as those employed by the aerospace, automotive, medical and electronics industries.

Because of the oily nature of silicones, they present the risk of excessive transfer to finished parts, cross-contamination to sensitive areas, parts that require extensive post-mold cleaning, and interference with post-molding operations such as painting, bonding, and adhesion. These drawbacks can be overcome, but often requires the use of time-intensive cleaning operations or specialized equipment, investments that many manufacturers are reluctant to make.

To better address the needs of specialized molders, Price-Driscoll created the Supralease line of non-silicone release agents—a line of products designed specifically for replacement of silicone in rubber, polyurethane, composite, and epoxy molding operations. These products offer the same high-degree of slip, durability and ease of application as our silicone release agents, and allow for post-mold operations such as painting and bonding, without the need for costly equipment or time-intensive cleaning operations.

Comprised of organic waxes, vegetable oils, mineral oils, fluorocarbons and proprietary chemistries, Supralease release agents are high-purity, non-contaminating, environmentally safe, and suitable for a broad range of molding operations and materials.

Supralease Non-Silicone Release Agents


Broad range of chemistries and packaging options

High release efficiency

Non-silicone based with no oily residue

No chlorinated solvents and Low-VOC


Easier fit with existing manufacturing processes

Excellent release, anti-stick and general lubrication properties

Reduces risk of contamination and simplifies post-release painting, coating and bonding

Improves worker and environmental safety

Supralease Non-Silicone Release Agents

Designed to be the broadest range of non-silicone mold releases in the industry, Supralease meets the exacting requirements of critical manufacturing processes. Brief descriptions and specifications are provided below. Click through for additional information, or contact us for a personalized recommendation.

Supralease CLR Clear Release Agent

Supralease CLR is a clear, white-oil release formulated for applications where only highly refined products are suitable. Solvent-free, biodegrable and a neutral pH for sensitive applications. All-purpose release agent for use with most resins, plastics and rubbers. May be safely used as a component of nonfood articles intended for use in contact with food, e.g packaging, utensils, bags (21CFR 178.3620).

Supralease CLR

Supralease CRN Natural Carnauba Wax Release

Supralease CRN is a pure carnauba wax release, ideal for thermoset encapsulation molding of electronics and optoelectronics devices such as semi-conductors, integrated circuit chips, discreet devices, resistors and transistors. Provides a thin, dry layer of wax to any surface, releases and rustproofs, with no contaminating transfer.

Supralease CRN

Supralease LCT Soy-based Lecithin Release Agent

Supralease LCT is a non-silicone, food-grade mold release for most rubbers and plastics. Colorless, odorless, non-staining and non-corrosive. Natural lecithin derived from soybean is fast-drying on cold and hot molds, and provides long lasting lubrication and fast, easy part removal. Active ingredient Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for direct food contact by FDA (21CFR 184.1400).

Supralease LCT

Supralease PTR Petrolease

Supralease PTR is a non-silicone release agent for molding and casting with aluminum, chrome, RTV silicone, epoxy, rubber, and steel molds. Allows molded parts to be painted, plated, hot stamped, adhesive bonded, labelled, or otherwise decorated in most applications. Approved for indirect food contact (21CFR 178.3570).

Supralease PTR

Supralease TFL PTFE-based Release

Ultralease TFL is a universal release agent containing a high lubricity, low molecular weight PTFE fluoropolymer specialized for mold release and dry lubricant applications. Imparts a uniformly thin, dry film to any surface, with no tranfer and superior durability. General lubricant reduces friction and wear, and extends equipment life. Excellent for non-metal materials that may be damaged by conventional lubricants.

Supralease TFL

Supralease WSR Water-Soluble Release

Supralease WSR is a biodegradable, water-soluble, food-safe release for plastics, rubber and metals. Provides release and lubrication, and will not carbonize or ash in high temperature operations. Wash with water for easier cleaning and faster operations with minimum build-up on patterns and molds. Permitted for use in direct or indirect food contact applications.

Supralease WSR

Supralease ICR Investment Casting Release

Supralease ICR was formulated expressly for investment casting and lost wax casting processes. Heavy-duty formulation uses less spray per application, and promotes ceramic slurry adhesion to patterns. Suitable for high-temperature operations—will not carbonize or ash—with minimal build-up on patterns and molds. Best used when there is no leaching required.

Supralease ICR

Supralease ICF Fast 2 Shell

Supralease ICF is a biodegradable release for shell core cast metals. Non-silicone based release eliminates the need for pattern washing prior to primary coating, allowing you to go straight to the shelling process. Fast 2 Shell will not accumulate in citric acid baths.

Supralease ICF

Supralease ICW Water-Soluble Investment Casting Release

Supralease ICW is a biodegradable, food-safe release formulated expressly for investment casting and lost wax casting processes. Water-soluble for easier cleaning and faster operations with no accumulation in citric acid baths. Suitable for high-temperature operations— will not carbonize or ash— with minimal build-up on patterns and molds.

Supralease ICW

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Supralease Release Agents